September 13, 2017

Transformation was the name of this collection and indeed, it’s a fitting sentiment for lawyer-turned-designer, Nancy Tran, who debuted this season.

“The collection is inspired by rebirth,” says Tran. “I wanted to focus on that magical way that fashion can transform us all. But it’s not so much about changing into someone different rather discovering your own potential, unleashing your own beauty and finding that reservoir of confidence and strength in every woman. That’s why I employed both butterflies and flowers in the design to illustrate that emergence from our own cocoons, of blossoming into someone strong and beautiful.”

The well curated collection consists of day and cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and separates rendered close to the body with fitted waists and skirts tapered like tulips or voluminous roses in full bloom. The butterfly and floral motif is further evident in the couture level details of cascading embroideries, prints, pleats, and cutouts that add rich texture and depth. The line is crafted from the premium silks in creamy tones and opulent shades of scarlet, pink, purple, and yellow to capture the delicate flourish of both fashion and nature. Hemlines range from asymmetric to at, below the knee, and floor length gowns.

“When a woman wears the line, I want her to feel as sensational as she looks, to unleash her own potentials, whether it’s the resolve to become her best possible self, the confidence to command attention, or the delight in celebrating a moment of being beautiful,” adds Tran. The entire collection is manufactured with the rigorous standards of quality and imbued with an international flair that makes it equally at home in any of the world’s capitals.

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Nancy Tran is the creative director and founder of Nancy Tran Studio, a luxury fashion house located in New York City. We focus on impeccably crafted women’s Ready-To-Wear that blends timeless elegance with modern glamour to redefine sophisticated fashion.

For one-of-a-kind designer dresses to power pants and dress suits and elegant evening gowns, please visit our website at www.nancytranstudio.com and follow us on Instagram @nancytranstudio.