Nancy Tran Exclusive Designer Interview by the Hickman Brand

Collection & Designer Name: “Transformation” by Nancy Tran
Show: 9/8/17 NYFW SS18
Location: Bryant Park Hotel NYC

Is this your first time showing in NYFW?

Yes this is my first time!  I came to New York for my work, I started out as an attorney and investment banker.  Fashion is definitely my passion and I’m able to live it now and I’m extremely happy.

What was the concept behind this season’s collection?

When I thought about the concept I wanted it to be transformation because it’s about everything changing and being bold enough to go forward even if your fearful of change.  It’s about moving forward and reaching into that reservoir of strength and beauty and everything more woman.  So that’s what transformation is and of course I featured the butterflies and flowers because that’s the essence of transformation.  Blossoming, emerging out of your cocoon so to speak.  As you can see the collection is 100% silk, the lining, the inner lining, embroidery and intricate, everything is silk even digital promoting with artwork.  Everything took many months to make.

How do you balance your creativity when creating a new collection?

I have a huge passion about the arts for fashion.  I love clothes, love to travel, and I love photography so all these things come together when you put a collection together.

Growing up was there anyone in your family into fashion?

No, not in those days.  However, my deceased grandfather was very artistic and I really believe I get it from him.

What demographic population do you cater to?

This is a luxury line so you definitely have to have resources and funding in order to be able to buy these kind of dresses.  These dresses are for all women who feel empowered and are not afraid to wear beautiful things.  These dresses are not for someone that is shy because you have to be bold and want to be noticed.  You have to create a grand entrance!

Where do you see your brand in the next five years?

Definitely being a global brand.  I’m going forward and there’s no stopping me!

The Hickmann Brand:


Nancy Tran is the creative director and founder of Nancy Tran Studio, a luxury fashion house located in New York City. We focus on impeccably crafted women’s Ready-To-Wear that blends timeless elegance with modern glamour to redefine sophisticated fashion.

For one-of-a-kind designer dresses to power pants and dress suits and elegant evening gowns, please visit our website at and follow us on Instagram @nancytranstudio.