The Most Inspiring Sunset in Oia, Santorini

The beauty of a sunset I witnessed when travelling through a small town in Santorini became one of my inspirations for my collection. The vivid memories of that scene swirled around my mind until they found peace as the source of my design inspirations. I sat in a restaurant terrace perched out into the Aegean Sea in a curious town called Oia lost in the gaze of the most glorious sunset that my eyes have ever seen. I have had the privilege of witnessing many beautiful sunsets, but this was simply magnificent. As the sun descended, the sky lit up with a multitude of bold colors creating a magical carpet of light that spreads across the horizon. These gorgeous colors changed by the minute and like a dream, the atmosphere, at some point, became slightly dim and the entire town appeared as if embraced with a diaphanous veil. My mood changed as the evening progressed. When the sun was barely visible, the silver moon rose from the sea and cast its magical power over the entire town that sparkled like diamonds. The magnificent bold colors of the sunset slowly faded giving way to the softer and more romantic colors surrounding the rising moon. Finally, all that was left on the horizon was the majestic moon and a lasting memory.