Fashion Tips For The Over-40 Woman – Fashion Beans

Why does body type matter?

“A woman over 40 who understands her body shape will have an advantage in choosing the most flattering looks that work best for her,” says Nancy Tran, a fashion designer. When a garment showcases a woman’s best assets, “She will feel more confident, and confident women are always beautiful.”

Go colorful.

Women over 40 often fear colors—black is slimming, after all—but you should not feel timid in splashing up your wardrobe.


Make sure your nail polish is a sophisticated color as opposed to neon, urges Pollock. If you choose cool colors such as blues and greens, make sure that they are toned-down versions.

Wear bright colors and prints in areas where you want to draw attention. Do the opposite to areas you want play down, Pollack notes

If you have beautiful eyes, pick colors that highlight them, says Tran.

Confidence and attitude never grow old.


For most women, maintaining balance on family, career, and health is always a struggle, but facing challenges with an affirmative attitude makes a difference,” says Tran.

She recommends having a support system of family, friends, and colleagues. By maintaining these relationships, women over 40 “will find improvement in how they feel, how they look, and, as a result, how they appear to the rest of the world.”

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